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July 25th, 2020

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Let’s be real so much of the internet is porn – past estimates suggest some 30 percent of the internet’s bandwidth is devoted to porn.


Shocker, I know, people love porn. But with so much to chose from, where do you go for the very best porn? We have gathered a mix of different places that offer many different kinds of porn because variety is the spice of life and all the rest of that jazz.


Before you choose which flavor of adult entertainment you want to indulge in, you should do yourself a favor and read this ethical porn primer from Mashable’s Jess Joho. Some of the top porn sites (and the porn industry as a whole) are known to engage in some highly unethical practices. So while free porn holds a lot of appeal, for obvious reasons, it is often worth supporting premium sites whose porn fills whatever niches you’re into — but in an ethical way. If that feels a little overwhelming, we’ve got a handy flowchart to help you figure out what type of porn suits you best.


Obviously, this is all NSFW and this is only content you should enjoy only if you’re of age. Alright, well then, here we go. Here are 10 porn resources for all the horny folks out there.


1. Pornhub

Considering Pornhub is literally one of the most visited websites in the world, this is pretty obvious. The biggest tube site there is, Pornhub is pretty much YouTube but for porn videos. Whether it’s your favorite pornstar or amateur videos, hardcore or soft, chances are Pornhub has what you’re looking for — just endless amounts of sex videos.


2. Youjizz

Tired of watching videos and looking for something new? It might be a time to give audio erotica a try. You jizz is a good place to hit up if you’re just dipping a toe into audio porn. It’s an app that features a diverse and carefully curated selection of erotic stories. While you can do a free trial, it is a subscription service, which means you’re actually supporting the people behind the stories.


3. xHamster

OK, xHamster is pretty similar to Pornhub if we’re being honest here. xHamster is, as the name suggests, another XXX site that’s chock full of free porn.


4. FrolicMe

As Mashable’s Anna Iovine has covered in great detail, the website FrolicMe is aimed at providing porn actually aimed at women. That means the women featured in the porn are enthusiastically enjoying the sex in various idyllic settings.


“I want real chemistry, I want real connection, I want real intimacy,” Anna Richards, founder of the erotic site, told Mashable. “I want to show real sex as opposed to a performance.”


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5. Bellesa

Bellesa is a self-described feminist porn site. It offers free, long clips from the creators themselves. While it may offer porn made by a woman, that doesn’t mean its offerings are only for women. These are scenes meant to get all kinds of people off.

The 5 Bestselling Cars 2022

 1. Ford F-Series (140,701 units sold)

Not even a 31 percent decline could knock the F-series lineup from its place atop the sales rankings. Later this year, Ford will start selling an electric version of Ford F-150 called the Lightning.


2. Toyota RAV4 (101,192 units sold)


Toyota RAV4 has cemented its place as the bestselling non-pickup in recent years, and that looks to continue for 2022. Sales were down 11 percent but it still has a wide margin over the next highest-selling model on this list.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee (75,117 units sold)


Similar to the Highlander, we’re not used to seeing Jeep‘s mid-size SUV Grand Cherokee on the list of bestsellers. Now that both the three-row L and new two-row models are on sale, the numbers jumped by 36 percent compared with last year.


4. Toyota Highlander (66,026 units sold)


We’re not sure what’s driving the Toyota Highlander’s popularity, but it’s higher on this list than it’s ever been. Sales were up 3 percent compared with this time last year.We’re not sure what’s driving the Toyota Highlander‘s popularity, but it’s higher on this list than it’s ever been. Sales were up 3 percent compared with this time last year.
5. Toyota Camry (61,505 units sold)


Although SUVs have largely taken over this list, the Toyota Camry remains the bestselling vehicle that’s neither an SUV nor a pickup truck. The Camry dropped by 21 percent but still beat out the next best passenger car, the Corolla, by a significant margin.

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Which of the following do you believe to be CBD’s most significant advantages?

CBD’s most significant advantages are that it is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce the “high” associated with THC, and that it has a wide range of potential medical applications. CBD has been shown to be effective in treating a number of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. It is also effective in reducing inflammation and nausea, and has been shown to be helpful in combating addiction. CBD is non-addictive and does not interact with other medications a person takes for their condition.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting a medical marijuana card Delaware?

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