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They wind up departing on a holiday locate him or her along having Hayato and you can Ayshe since their escorts

They wind up departing on a holiday locate him or her along having Hayato and you can Ayshe since their escorts

Promised Tree Arch

After escaping Sophistication Career with her siblings, Gilda plus the anybody else become finding area B06-thirty-two which includes assistance from several demons; Mujika and you may Sonju, who they learned numerous things out of. They after realized it’s an invisible safeguards in the desert. She initiate way of life around for approximately couple of years and you will fits Mister. [7]

Search for Minerva Arc

Gilda and Wear is trusted when planning on taking of your own youngsters when you find yourself Emma, Ray, and you will Mister leave on their visit to Goldy Pond. Gilda conveys the woman care for the him or her several times, and even threatens Mister that she would blow up the latest safeguards when the the guy cannot offer Beam and Emma right back live.

Cuvitidala Arc

As more than annually has passed, Gilda, and Wear, Ray, Emma, Violet, and you will Zack infiltrated to your a demon village into the disguise Heterosexual dating dating service just after its achievements to find the newest Wonderful Waters in addition to forehead while they moved from village to your guidance off Defense B06-thirty two. It in the future gone back to the newest defense and reunited with Mister, Lucas together with others. [9]

Together with his family, Gilda escapes the fresh new Coverage B06-thirty two just after it actually was raided by the Andrew with his staff, and soon after and you can mourns Lucas, Mister, in addition to most other pupils which destroyed the resides in the brand new attack.

Upon coming to the Heaven Hide out and you will fulfilling Norman, Gilda is discovered to be overjoyed. She after gets a mission by Norman to acquire Mujika and you may Sonju once more and additionally Wear, however, they both is actually doubtful of his true intents.


Of all the orphans, Emma is the closest so you can Gilda.






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